Free Therapy!

This past weekend our family spent the majority of Saturday & Sunday outside. We took to some local trails around our city, and went on our little adventure together. It lowers my stress level, helps me gain patience, allows me to teach my son about nature and God’s creations, and it forces me to to put down the screen and live my real life. Making real memories. We are happy out there! In the forest finding make believe critters, and hunting bad guys. Getting vitamin D, exercise, therapeutic scenery, and quality time with my family makes time move a little slower. And the best part: it costs us NOTHING! God gives us this beautiful thing called nature to help us relax and unwind, and it’s beautifully free. When we are out there, there is no yelling, tripping over toys, or being consumed by to do projects. It’s just us and God. And that’s exactly how he intended us  to be.


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