Life is Messy, Do it Anyway. 

Texas adventure was a bust! Lake Lewisville was not our best decision. As we lay here thankful to be at home, I am reflecting. Reflecting on the disrespect some people have for others and nature, and trying to figure out how to do a  180 on the outcome of our fun Camp out.

This peaceful image is deceiving. A birthday party until 3:30 AM did not make for an exciting morning filled with hiking, camp breakfast, or fishing. It was filled with stress, quick cleanup, and HURTS DONUTS (which were amazing!). The disappointment sucked. How in the world could I make this worth while?

Then I realized that we can all learn from this. Caidon will remember how that birthday party kept waking him up, and he will remember the trash that was left behind. He won’t forget how he didn’t get his camp breakfast or get to go hiking with PaPaw.

He will want to be better. He will know that life isn’t perfect. It’s messy, and he knows that not everything will go as planned.

Even though it was a five minute stop at the Scenic Turnout, it was a little dose of beauty we needed to conclude our weekend! You make the best of it. No matter how disappointed you may be, you know that God never changes and he is there.

Life can be messy and inconvenient but we do it anyway


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