Give Them Inspiration 

So many things inspire me as an adult! Sometimes it’s a podcast, a good book, music, Gary Vaynerchuk, or my family, but most of the time it’s simply being outside. Whether it’s going for a walk, driving down the country side, or going on an adventure, I always find inspiration when I am outside. 

Watching this lil man ride his bike after school also inspires me. Mostly because I see him come alive while racing away! It’s his first taste of freedom. When his hands hit the handlebars, he is a police officer chasing after badguys or a motor cross Star going for the gold!  His imagination takes off and he is in his own world. When we stay on the inside of our 4 walls it limits our imagination. We lose inspiration and forget how to be creative. When Caidon goes outside it forces him to be creative. Video games can’t pre-determine his character. He determines what his characters look like, What color pants and shirts they wear, what mission he will go on, and what the outcome is! Inspiration is something that people are losing more and more of. The beautiful thing about nature is that there is never a day that is the same. The sunset is always different, the clouds are ever-changing & the rainbows have a different end. My prayer for him is that he never stops being inspired, and he always strives to be an inspiration! 

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