“Cash us Ousside, how bout dah”

Hosting people at our house is one of my passions! If I could dream of the perfect day, it would be my house full of family and friends, eating, laughing, playing games, and doing life together. One of my biggest (1st world problems) is the size of my home. It’s small and quaint with little room for everyone I love. I’m in this constant battle with living a minimalist lifestyle, and at the same time wanting 50 people at my house. In the midst of this tug-of-war game I find a very simple solution: Go OUTSIDE. Yes, I know,crazy right? But here’s how we got to “Go outside?!” 

In the later 1800’s the light bulb was invented. Creating a more efficient light source than ever before decreasing the dependency of sunlight for production. Now some spaces in your home don’t even require a window. 

In the early 1900’s the air conditioner was invented (thank God). For the first time in our world, families were spending more time inside their home than ever before. 

Mid 1920’s birthed the garage door that most Americans use at some point(detached garage, storage units, shops, etc…). Now we literally don’t even have to walk outside to get into our homes. 

At the same time, the TV was also invented. This made it possible to find entertainment in your living room that historically required you to leave your house to find. For example: movies, plays, musicals, comedians, concerts, & town halls. 

I love all of the above! Wouldn’t go a day without any of it. However, it is important to understand that the evolution of technology has allowed our brain to think bigger on possessions and smaller On relationships. While sometimes that is a good thing, it also can create an unhealthy cycle of more things, less relationships. 

So in my world, instead of getting frustrated by the size of my house, I just say “Go Outside”. My home just gained 7,000 sq feet. This alone has saved us thousands in home costs! In fact it’s a goal of mine to never own a home that is over 1400 square feet. Just based on the fact that a smaller house forces me to own less, and live simply. I love people way more than my home, and I love my home! If I can spend more time with people and less time working to pay for a bigger place that gives me nothing in return, I’m gonna do that! 

Spending the majority of our time outside, especially when we have guests, allows my focus to be on what matters (the people), instead of what doesn’t(the size of my home).  It’s helped me realize the importance of doing life with others now instead of waiting until we “get a bigger place”. No tonight we light the fire pit, grab some lawn chairs, and go outside. Bigger isn’t always better.

Caitie Brown 

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