Road Less Traveled

Going back to Tulsa we always take the Turnpike. Someone always told us, “it’s the safe way, it’s the fastest way, & it’s the most convenient.” Today however, we decided to take the Road Less Traveled. 

We went to Rollercoaster Road in wewoka, ok, which wasn’t quite the “rollercoaster” we had in mind, but we went and saw some amazing things by taking the road everyone else avoids. Oklahoma is truly beautiful. Open fields, one of a kind sunsets & the heart of the Bible Belt are just a few reasons why I LOVE  OKLAHOMA! 

By taking the long way home we saw parts of Oklahoma that we had never seen before. In fact, we got a little taste of Scotland, right here in Castle, Oklahoma! 

These cows are called Highland Cattle. Usually found in Scotland & they are known for their long hair and long horns. They were quite vocal and yelled at us as we stopped to snap a few photos! Hehe 

Such a great experience that would have slipped by us if we were to take the the road that’s comfortable to us. It reminds me of the season of life we are in now. It’s definitely the slow way and may be a little less convenient, however, it’s much sweeter! 

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