How to be Adventurous on a Budget

I know, I know, it’s the worst word in the world. BUDGET! However, I’ve become quite fond of the budget, because it gives me permission to spend money and still be on a game plan for financial success. In my previous Blog Post, How we paid off $35k of debt & still had fun, it contained some ways we still had fun while paying $3,000-$4,000 a month on Debt. This mainly consisted of exploring the outdoors.

With any activity or hobby, you will need to purchase some essential items in order to get started. It doesn’t have to break the $bank$ though! Being adventurous is great because whether you spend $1000 or $100, you can still have a fantastic time. You can determine what kind of adventure you want to go on and it can be at any level you see fit. You probably think where you live is lacking in the excitement factor, but I can assure you, you can find an experience of a lifetime right in your backyard. Spending hundreds in travel costs doesn’t have to be the case.  God has blessed us with an abundance of natural wonders that we have to preserve and respect. In order to do that you MUST go out and find them. Adventure awaits, enjoy the ride!

Essentials- Necessity Items

You will need a few essentials when you are started out and can easily be found around your house.

1.Good Backpack or overnight bag. You can snoop around the house and find an old backpack from college, or some carry on luggage you can reuse to pack your day trip essentials. You can even find some really good bags at thrift stores and Goodwill that will last a long time. Never underestimate the ability to find a hidden gem at a garage sale this spring. If you cant find a used one around the house you can purchase an all-in-one bag for less than $40 on Amazon or eBay. I recently purchased the Huwaijianfeng Backpack for about $35. It’s suitable for 2-3 day backpacking trips and comes with a rain proof cover to protect all of your gear. I’ve only used mine a couple of times, and so far its been GREAT!

2. Reliable Footwear. To start out you may get by with some decent tennis shoes that have some good support, but I would recommend a shoe specifically for rough terrain surfaces such as hiking, running, mountain climbing etc. A good pair of hiking boots could run you a pretty high bill. There are some alternatives to consider before dropping a car payment on them. Gear Trade is a fantastic place for all things adventure! They have some great used options. You can also shop the clearance sections at Bass Pro and REI during off season and find some steals!

3. Emergency First AID  Kit. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate just something basic and lightweight that doesn’t cost you much or take up much space. Having an emergency kit is definitely essential on any adventure! Cuts and scrapes are going to happen so you want to be sure you have Band-Aids, Gauze, some rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment etc. You can either make your own or buy a pre-packed one. I found one for less than $10 at

4. Clothing. Unless you are going to be in 0 degree weather, clothing can be basic. You can find a lightweight jacket, jeans, and t-shirts that you don’t care to get tore up or stained. If not you can pick up some great inexpensive items at Wal-Mart or Target and not drain your wallet.

Some other great ways to save on outdoor excursions is RENTING! Renting is a great way to save hundreds and still have some fun. Some equipment you can easily rent include, Mountain Bikes, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddles, Jet Skis, and repelling gear to name just a few. SUP OKLAHOMA Is a great resource in finding gear to rent.

Image result for Standup Paddle

Being adventurous is about feeling free! You can’t feel freedom when you’re worried about paying for your adventure.  Be SMART. Start Small.

– Caitie

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