Top 10 reasons to Cut State funding for Parks and Recreation 

Oklahomans recently found out that more than 15 state parks possibly face closing in light of new budgets cuts. Here is my top 10 reasons this “should” happen. 

10. State parks provide people a place to relax and de-stress. Everybody needs to be uptight and irritable 

9. People will go to Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas for Tourism. Oklahoma is way to crowded with visitors!

8. Thousands of people use the state parks every year, and their opinions don’t matter. 

7. Oklahoma doesn’t have enough housing additions, so we desperately need development to take over. 

6. State parks provide wildlife refuge, and there is entirely to much wildlife. Such savages.

5. Nature parks can cause major allergy outbreaks. If we defund them our allergy symptoms will decrease. 

4. State parks provide families with affordable vacation options, affordable vacations are way overated. 

3. Going to state parks may require physical activity. Oklahoma is 11th in obesity, we really need to reach the top 10! 

2. State parks can cause families to make memories & no family should ever be subjected to such trauma. 

1. If we cut funding there will be more money to allocate elsewhere. The government known for their ability to handle money. 

Please help our voice be heard by signing the Petition to stop the defunding of our great state parks! Our citizens deserve a chance at experiencing some of the best things about Oklahoma. 

Natural Falls State Park 


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