Think Outside “The Office” – Leading People to Become Innovative 

Working within 4 walls, mainly sitting, can deplete your productivity! Whether you’re in sales, business administration, or management etc. you know your creative mind kind of disappears within that environment. This can kill the growth of your company! There is nothing more deadly to an organization than complacency, and nothing more powerful than intreprenuership (entrepreneur within an organization). Being creative is a great asset to any company, because with the lightning fast speeds of technology, you either adapt or die! According to there is no room for complacency. The ability to be innovative in today’s world is crucial, but how can we stay inspired and creative? The majority of our day is spent in an atmosphere that kills creativity. Think about it. Blank walls, cubicles, &  dark offices make up that majority of office buildings. 

I get it. We have to have offices, and cubicles. We can’t get around that. They are efficient, inexpensive, and practical. So how do we make sure to maintain a good balance of creative energy as well as productive energy? Some companies that have a larger budget are going to a more modern design with new architecture of bright colors and natural light . For example; GOOGLE. A company leading in innovation and as you can see in this photo their offices in Dublin are far from boring! This is proven to help increase company morale, productivity, and business growth.

So what do you do if you don’t have a fancy remodel, or a google size company? One of the easiest ways to bring creativity out in employees is by spending time outside (weather permitted) . It’s pretty simple! There are several opportunities to make this happen in any given 9-5. 

  1.  Any meeting that is non-confidential can be held outside. This creates a more casual atmosphere, breaks down barriers, and lowers stress levels. All of this helps your team think more clear and make better decisions. It also makes brainstorming ideas more effective by being in a natural setting as oppose to typical conference rooms. 
  2. Team building exercises are better outside. Our department did a half day Zip Lining tour at a local lodge in town & it built a morale between us that wasn’t there before. Plus, there is nothing more hilarious than seeing your colleagues flying down a steel rope in funny helmets screaming at the top of their lungs! Talk about bonding at its finest, with a little bit of black mail material to use later. Just kidding! 
  3. Break rooms can be designated in an outdoor setting. More architects are designing break rooms to incorporate natural lighting, courtyards, gardens and even walking trails with water sources. Hilti has an amazing outdoor courtyard that is an employee favorite! 

Putting these into practice will help develop a more innovative team and company. Don’t ever get stuck in the same ole routine day in and day out. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some new styles of managing can be scary but it’s worth it! Others may not understand it and call it weird, but that’s okay. Your job is to create an environment that allows your team to thrive, and that will help the entire organization. Some of the greatest things come out of simple ideas! Start today. Go outside and see what new ideas lead to a better team and a better company. 

    One Comment on “Think Outside “The Office” – Leading People to Become Innovative 

    1. I love this. I always feel like I have more energy when I’m outside. I may have graduated college sooner if we could have had classes outside.


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