5 Places that Make Tulsa Awesome  

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It’s home & I don’t see myself living anywhere else. I love to travel and see as much as I can, but don’t get me wrong, my roots run deep! Growing up here was amazing as a child. My mom taught me at a young age that Oklahoma is beautiful & my dad taught me how to go explore it! Here are 5 places that make Tulsa Awesome

Natural Falls State Park 

The 77-foot waterfall at Natural Falls State Park is accompanied by several smaller falls that flow from the porous walls of a fern-covered rock face. Hikers can view the falls from a platform above and then walk down to the base of the falls to soak in the incredible scenery at eye level. You can spend hours exploring the beautiful land and natural springs. It’s located just an hour outside of downtown TULSA. Click on the Map link for directions. 

Greenleaf State Park


Located in Braggs, Ok lies an amazing 930 acre heaven! 27 miles worth of trail loops, fishing, camping, sparkling lake, and much more! Just 25 miles from Muskogee and 65 miles from Tulsa. Take the whole family for a day to remember.  This is among a top favorite for green country and provides enough amenities to accommodate several days worth of adventures!  Click here for google maps. 

Riverside Riverparks

Located in the heartland of Tulsa is a 13 mile paved trail that connects south Tulsa all the way to downtown. Complete with playgrounds, River scenery,  splash pads, Frisbee Golf, and the iconic Blue Rose Cafe. This attraction is the perfect fit for every generation! The heartbeat of Tulsa is adding the Gathering Place in 2017 which is sure to be a show stopper. Pack an ice box on Sunday and stay the whole day! 

Fort Gibson-Sequoyah State Park

Fort Gibson is just a 45 minute ride from Tulsa and jammed packed with activities! This state park offers the public a golf course, horseback riding, cabins, water sports, trails, swimming, camping, a nature center and so much more! Wildlife is abundant in the park. You will see amazing animals throughout your trip. Deer travel by the dozens, groundhogs pop up as families, coyotes howl through the night, and owls are always in sight! The perfect day trip that is sure to brings lots of joy and make many memories. Click the link for directions. 


Just along the west side of the river is a Tulsa favorite! Turkey Mountain is truly a unique piece of nature in the middle of the city! Complete with Bike trails, hiking trails, river access, and horse trails. You are guaranteed some adventure. With some moderate inclination it makes a perfect training trail and is a great way to burn extra calories! It has been rediscovered by citizens who voted to preserve this one of kind treasure and is quickly becoming a major attraction for the city of Tulsa. Click here to find your way to Turkey Mountain! 

Tulsa is a fantastic place to visit. Its forever left a mark on my heart. Come see what Adventure awaits in Tulsa, ok. 



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