Unexpected Beauty

God gives you gifts in unexpected times and places! Tonight after lighting a fire and turning on the radio, the Oklahoma sky turned as Spring storms rolled in from the south. People ask me what my favorite thing about Oklahoma is & without hesitation it’s the sunsets.

I don’t live on an acreage or on a hill. I live in a very typical suburban neighborhood, and this pic above looks like a million bucks. Listening to peaceful music and watching my son play under the trees was perfection. Then God allowed him to play under a rainbow. 

Even though this night had all of those beautiful elements, the best one was who God allowed me to spend it with. My parents and my husband were here to share it with me! It’s true that you can experience the adventures of a lifetime, but if you have no one to experience it with, it’s not the same. Companionship is one of the best elements of adventure. Even if it’s as simple as a beautiful sunset in your backyard, make it an adventure, and make sure you have people to experience it with. 

Our life can live on in the memories we create with others. 

-Caitie Brown

One Comment on “Unexpected Beauty

  1. What a beautiful time. It is great to have simple nights at home with the people you love.


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