Oklahoma ROCKS! •Osage Hills State Park

Today was nothing short of amazing! An Oklahoma must see. We took a day trip to Osage Hills State Park, just 1 hour north of Tulsa in historical Bartlesville,Ok. I had never been to this park and honestly didn’t know what to expect. It completely took me by surprise. As we took to the trail, the serene peacefulness was immediate. Nestled between 2 Hills lays an incredible river, flowing above a rock bed. The peaceful roar played in the background as we sat by the river to eat lunch under the trees. 

In the midst of this adventure we came across animal tracks in the mud anxiously awaiting our encounter with the wildlife that calls this 1,100 acres home. Then in the brush stood our first encounter. An Armadillo! We took ADDA off her leash and it was off to the races! They both scurried off into the woods until ADDA gave up and lost graciously to the wild monster haha!  ADDA enjoys the hikes and it’s nice to have it be so quiet where she is free to roam! 

The rock formations add a unique quality to the park. Adding some fun climbing opportunities to your hike and giving younger kiddos a break from just walking. They even formed some awesome 20-30 foot cliffs off the side of the river, making this a hike one to remember. 

Oklahoma is really a beautiful place! I take for granted that these amazing natural treasures are yet to be discovered by some Oklahomans. Our total hike was 3.5 miles and it took us about 3 hours to complete, including our sit down lunch. With cabin sites, RV hookups, and tent sites available,  this is sure to be a great place to make memories! Spend some of your 2017 at Osage Hills, it’s truly remarkable. Click here to get more info on how you can experience it yourself. Say yes to adventure! 

-Caitie Brown

2 Comments on “Oklahoma ROCKS! •Osage Hills State Park

  1. This was a beautiful place. We saw a a nest of baby turtles in a tiny hole in the sandy trail as well. It was an awesome day.


  2. I love uour adventures!
    Life offers so much for fre!!
    God intended for us to enjoy nature..
    His slendor!


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