❤ Discovering Purpose

One of the best things in my life is that I have 5 little people who call me Aunt Caitie. It’s a huge blessing in my life. I want to give them joy and wisdom like my aunts have given me! Sharing my passion with these kiddos has been amazing and I hope I can keep doing it as along as I can. From the time they were little till now, we have shared a bond through the great outdoors.

This past weekend I got to share my passion of hiking and my newest hobby Morel Mushroom hunting! Dressed in their newest hunting apparel and a backpack full of their favorite junk food we hit the trails.

Greenleaf State Park is beautiful! Just 1 hour SOUTHEAST of Tulsa is the home of a quiet lake and a massive 17 mile hiking trail. With beautiful views of Greenleaf Lake and the Arkansas river, these kids were entertained the whole time. Their imagination took over as they climbed the rocks, played hide & seek, and raced to find the lake! First one to find the mushrooms was the lucky winner of $20. Luckily for me the day was a bust so I got to keep my $20 haha! Seeing Caidon play with his cousins is always a joy. Watching them find animal holes, catch tadpoles and run after frogs is the coolest thing. Hearing my nephew get excited about telling his friends about our adventures puts a smile on my heart. Knowing that these little people are going to carry a memory of me throughout their lives is a great motivator for me to do all the things I’ve ever dreamed of doing. I want them to see me as the awesome aunt who went on crazy adventures and was a fantastic storyteller. I want Caidon to see his mom as courageous and passionate about life. This is why I will take them on as many adventures as I can! Teaching them to love God and his creations is the single most important thing I will teach them. Taking them on these hikes helps them become brave. Climbing the hills, walking through the dirt paths not knowing what’s on the other side is a great lesson in taking risks. In life they are constantly going to question if they are on the right path, but if we teach them faith and create confident decision makers,  life will be more of a fun adventure rather than a survival course.

Greenleaf state park was a BLAST! Take the family today. I cant wait to take them on our next adventure. My newest nephew just turned 1 so He and I are going to have many years of bonding over a camp fire ahead of us! Companionship is an important element of adventure, and being with people you love is a great way to experience any adventure. My heart is happy knowing I will have an impact as a Mom and an Aunt. Showing them how I lived my passion will help show them how to live theirs. Helping them become self-aware of what they are passionate about will help change our family tree and shift the family dynamic in positive light. When you live your life doing what you love you will inspire people in ways you never thought possible. You are not just an Aunt/Uncle, parent or friend. You are a life changing inspiration waiting to fulfill a God Given purpose! Start discovering your passion and go live your life.


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