Let Them Be Wild at Heart • Raising a Good Man 

Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s also the greatest thing I’ll ever do. The only thing I’ll never get right, and the one thing I will inevitably screw up! With all the uncertainties parenthood gives you, it does give you one certainty you can not ignore. 

You’re raising the future. 

You’re raising the future student to a teacher, the future tax payer to America, the future husband to a woman, and God willing, the future father to a child. It’s not an easy task and it can be quite intimidating! Don’t let it stop you from raising a good man. 

Sometimes as a mom I overthink this process which is mistake # 1! Men don’t think as much as women, it’s proven, go look it up! So when my son does something I’m worried about him doing…. I THINK. I think about what could go wrong, how he could get hurt, what are other people going to think of this, or how this will turn him into a heartless serial killer… STOP ! Yes you need to be safe and use common sense, however, boys need to have reckless freedom that will make them courageous men! Let them be wild at heart. Allow them to dream while they are boys, fight the bad guys, and love their mommas. Don’t stop their imaginations. It’s just dress rehearsal for the real show. A little boy who does this is going to grow into a good man!  I’ve stopped analyzing all the toys he plays with, and I have stopped worrying about him idolizing Darth Vader. Darth Vader has an awesome voice and a cool light saber. If I were a four year old boy that would get my attention too! 

Men need 3 things in life. 

1. A battle to fight 

2. An adventure to live

3. A beauty to rescue 

Boys need to climb trees, build fires, shoot guns (with adults supervision of course), and break bones. We are raising the future, and where there are strong men, there are strong marriages, strong families, and strong children. Let them be wild at heart.


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