Tulsa’s Hidden Paradise 

It’s one of the most scenic lakes around Tulsa! Nestled in the middle of Leonard Mountain you will find clear waters, an ancient hiking trail, and a beautiful waterfall run off. It’s called Lake Bixhoma. Located 8 miles southeast of Bixby, ok.

It’s a quiet lake that is peaceful and serene. Not a ton of traffic but just enough activity to let you know others are near by. You are allowed to have motor boats on the water (low wake) and there are 2 boats ramps located on the north and south side of the lake. Kayaks are a lot of fun to have at Bixhoma! Stand up paddling also takes place with a group on Wednesday evenings for a sunset paddle, and Saturday Mornings. Go to Sup Oklahoma‘s website for more details on rentals and start times.

On the northwest side of the lake holds the Ichabod Crane Trail. This trail is filled with what’s estimated to be 300-400 year old trees that were documented by the Indian Natives. Rumors have spread that there is an ancient gravesite located off the trail. It’s about a 3 mile loop with moderate inclination and difficult surface terrain. Although there isn’t swimming allowed, you can catch a break from the heat as you hike down the spillway just off the NE side of the dam. 

This hidden wonder is located 30 miles south of Tulsa, and with all the city of Bixby has to offer, you are sure to make many memories with your friends and family! The city of Bixby will be making improvements to the surrounding areas of the lake to make it better accommodating. They recently added some new grill and picnic tables, as well as a new jungle gym by the north side boat ramp. So grab a day pack and go enjoy this adventure! You’ll forget your’re only 30 minutes from home!

Click Here to go to the Hidden Paradise 

3 Comments on “Tulsa’s Hidden Paradise 

    • So glad you found an Amazing place like this! More people need to get out and find Oklahoma truly is beautiful. Thanks for reading. Share with your friends.


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