Think Outside the GYM * How exercising outside is better for you

I have never been a fan of gyms. The only gym I have ever been addicted to was the one I couldn’t afford because it was more like a country club. You know the gyms, the ones that have the incredible locker rooms, child care and showers. The plush towels, saunas, and hot tubs. The gym that has the Olympic size swimming pools with amazing spas and cafes, yeah those gyms. I wasn’t going for the exercise, I was going for the atmosphere! Even though all of that was amazing, it still at the core was a gym. Gyms historically are not beneficial but they get your monthly dues every time. They know it because they study this. They know how to make a fortune off you not even coming…. lol. Exercising outside is way more beneficial and less expensive! 

  • Exercising outside allows your terrain to constantly be changing, increasing the difficult in your workouts resulting in more calories burned!
  • Wind gusts can cause great resistance while walking, jogging, or hiking causing your muscles to contract more with your exercise.
  • The sun not only provides vitamin d while working out, but it also helps burn more calories by causing the skin temperature to heat up. This allows your body to burn calories for longer periods of time even after your workout is done!
  • Outdoor workouts allow your mind to workout as well. Being outside increases mental clarity which allows your muscles to work for longer periods at time. So while you can be jogging for 15 minutes at a gym, you can double it easily by just going outside!
  • It’s easy on the pocket book! You can do an amazing full body workout with no equipment. Just doing simple things like push-ups, burpees, lunges, squats, and planks are amazing exercises that can help you stay in shape.

We have built a small garage gym over the course of a year. My husband found a weight set with barbells and bench at a garage sale for $125. We purchased the Schwinn Exercise bike for less than $800 on amazon, have purchased some clearance kettle bells & bought a variety of inexpensive resistance bands. With all of that we have started working out together by doing 20 minutes every evening in our garage! It’s a small step in a life changing habit. This way we can be outside as a family and while Caidon and ADDA play in the front yard, Brandon & I can use our garage gym that include all of the benefits of exercising outside.
If you don’t have the time or resources for a garage gym, there are some amazing fitness programs around the globe that take this concept outside. In Tulsa, the number 1 outdoor fitness program is BOOTCAMP TULSA! It has 6 area locations including Owasso, Broken Arrow, and jenks. Founded by nationally recognized conditioning coach Jonathan Conneely, Bootcamp Tulsa takes fitness to a whole new level! All boot camps are held outside(weather permitting), with 1-2 coaches per location motivating you to do your best! Men and women are seeing dramatic results even after being stuck in a gym for years! Studies have shown that working out in groups creates better results, so if you cant find an accountability partner to workout with you, Bootcamp Tulsa is the perfect combination of outside exercise with accountability. For more information got to Boot camp Tulsa’s website.

Always keep in mind that it doesn’t take a lot of change to make a BIG DIFFERENCE . It just takes small steps one day at a  time. You can start by taking walks outside, involve your kids, let them see you active and enjoying nature. Build on that and expand your exercise on that small step and you will be AMAZED at how different your physical health will look like in a couple of short months. Go have some fun!


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