Kayaking Paradise-Hawthorne Bluff*Lake Oologah, OK

Oklahoma has hidden surprises  EVERYWHERE! Just north of Owasso (about 15 Minutes from Tulsa) there is Lake Oologah. With 29,500 acres of water, 209 mile long shoreline, 11 lake side parks, and 18 amazing Hiking trails, Lake Oologah has a little something for everybody! With deep waters and perfect wind conditions, Lake Oologah offers sailboat classes and rentals that people from all over the region travel to learn from!

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With all of these awesome amenities to choose from, there is one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Located at the far southwest corner of the lake contains Kayakers Paradise. Its known as Hawthorne Bluff just west of the Dam. Among locals this is a popular fishing spot, however the mile long loop secluded between two rock bluffs is a dream for kayakers! With 6-8 foot cliffs surrounding you there is no wind, plenty of shade spots and at the end of the cove is a fun spot to eat your lunch, jump off the cliffs, and go exploring. It does have a natural flow to the cove, but you will get a slight workout paddling to your destination! With its peaceful serenity you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

For kayaking close to home or traveling from afar, Hawthorne Bluff will NOT disappoint. Bring all your paddling gear and if you don’t have access to paddles or kayaks, Redbud Marina does have all your water gear available to rent! This is truly a special place for Oklahoma. Just pay $5 for parking and get access to a beach, Frisbee golf, boat docks, fishing docks, restrooms, and some fun parks for the whole family! Click Here to get to kayakers paradise!

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