7 items under $100 you can buy today that will make you more adventurous tomorrow

Having a passion for the outdoors is a blast! Some people like a hint of adventure, some like A LOT OF ADVENTURE. Whether you are an extreme, all in adventurer or once a year kinda person you can purchase a few items today that will make you more prepared tomorrow. You can purchase as your budget allows or as you need them. The goal is to not go broke but instead get excited about trying new things!

1. Inflatable Kayak $65 – $97

img_1552The Intex Challenger is an all in one kayak that comes with your paddle, pump and repair kit. This is perfect for day trips and is super convenient with easy storage. You can get a single or double kayak that holds 220lbs to 400lbs! Fun for the whole family and a great affordable option for anybody on a tight budget  or just looking for a space saver! Having a way to get on a safe body of water and go wherever the stream takes you is a very cool feeling. Click Here to gets yours today!


2. Durable Backpack $35 – $65


The Makino 60L backpack is the perfect bag for all your adventure needs. It will fit your needs on a day trip or even your most challenging overnight excursions. It comes with a rain cover to protect your gear and even contains technology compartments that will fit laptops and cell phones. Getting a good backpack makes any adventure more convenient, but make sure it’s the right fit for your style of adventure. Sometimes it takes a couple of uses to decide if its the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to shop around and always keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always mean BETTER. You can always find a good backpack for less than $100. Check out this sweet deal on Amazon!

3. Outdoor Shoes $79-$150

This is an item you need to be a little more picky on and may need to pay more than $100 on! You can purchase items at Gear Trade for gently used equipment that is high quality at a low price. Good shoes can make or break any adventure. Crappy shoes = crappy experience. I recommend getting waterproof , ankle support shoes. This is really important for your long-term health because hiking and walking is good for you but if you have the wrong footwear it can cause long term joint pain and issues. Make sure you have good shoes. You can even go to places like fleet feet or a  Podiatrist to ensure your shoes are the right fit for you! travel-shoes-hiking-and-active-shoe-recommendations

4. Lightweight Tent $35 – $75

Having a lightweight tent is good for hiking and classic tent camping! They are very compact and easy to travel with. Remember that you’re only going to be sleeping in a tent so it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just enough to keep you protected from weather elements. If the weather is right,a tent, some blankets and food  is all you need to go on an adventure! I always recommend something under 5 pounds to help lighten your load. Click here for a tent priced at $47.99

5. Compact cooking set

This makes any overnight camping trip a breeze. With all your utensils and carrying case, you’re sure to have everything you need to cook a descent meal. You can easily go to Wal-mart or Target and pick up different items for under $100 and make your own compact kitchen. I wasn’t that crafty and didn’t have the time, so I went online to purchase one the was already put together for me and it works! Click Here for a 13 piece set weighing under 2 pounds!

6. Fishing pole and Tackle

One of the greatest aspects of adventure is hunting! Going out into nature and hunting prey to feed you and your family is one of the most adventurous things you can do! Although guns and ammo can get pricey, Fishing is an inexpensive way to explore hunting for food. It’s also a great way to introduce this idea to kiddos. With parental supervision you can show kids how to put bait on a hook, cast a line, and reel in dinner! It’s empowering for anybody to catch a fish, but its even more empowering for children to. You can go to any local Wal-Mart for basic items, & shop at Bass Pro, Cabela’s, & Gander Mountain for specialty items. It doesn’t take much to get started!

7. Adventure Books

I know it sounds so silly, but when you start to read, you start to dream. Reading  awakens the soul and mind to new possibilities. That is why I am so passionate about writing this Blog! I truly believe if more people read about how to achieve their goals they would do it. Reading books about hiking trails, camping spots, outdoor how to guides, etc. will inspire you to go out and do more adventurous things. Read to be inspired and don’t be afraid to plan your next big adventure! Here is a great gift idea or coffee table book to keep handy if you’re in need of some inspiration or a conversation piece!

When you get tired of the same Ole, same ole, go out and try something new. You can always build on your equipment overtime, however these 7 items are what I have discovered to help me go out more! My personal favorite & the most fun is our kayak. We can spend hours at the river or fishing coves just letting time move a little slower. Letting the stream take us wherever it leads it’s a perfect example of letting go of the things that don’t matter and enjoying the journey.

-Caitie Brown

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