Think Outside “13 Reasons Why”

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This is hard to write. It’s not something I ever thought I would be talking about on this blog, but after reading the book and now watching the popular Netflix series, I feel as if  not writing about it would be a mistake. In this story Hannah Baker leaves behind 13 reasons her life ended on cassette tapes. I must admit with all the controversy surrounding this show I was hesitant to watch. I’m glad I watched it. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes I had to look away. The images and scenes were portrayed in such a real way that I physically and emotionally hurt. Well done writers, directors and actors for getting it right. The book was hard to read and my imagination didn’t bring the scenes to life as much as the Netflix series did. The pain felt while watching it couldn’t even come close to the pain of actually going through it, and I don’t want to lessen the torture of suicidal thoughts. It’s not a cry for attention, being overly dramatic, and only for the weak. It’s very real and something you should never turn away or take lightly.

Here is my take away from watching this life changing series. No matter how many reasons you have to end your life, it only takes 1 reason to live it. If you find your 1 reason, you have the one thing Hannah Baker didn’t. HOPE. The smallest ounce of HOPE will make the 13 giants you face seem smaller, and give you a fighting chance. HOPE is what you need to have when the rumors send you home in tears. HOPE is what you need when you start to believe them.

 For the Parents:

Your job is hard! It keeps getting harder and more complicated as we expand our world. Dont let it distract you from the most important thing you will teach your children. Kindness & self awareness. Raise kind people. Let them see you treat people well, not only  because it’s descent, but it may just save a persons life. 

Help them become self aware of who they really are and what makes them bulletproof. The sooner they find their vision in life, the stronger their infrastructure will be to sustain the beatings they will get in high school & throughout the rest of their life. They may have 13 reasons to end their life, however if they find the 1 reason to live, that’s all they will need. 

For the Hannah Bakers:

You are not the things people say about you to bring you down! You are not the horrible things those boys did to you. You may be broken and your soul may feel lost but I promise you, you are a masterpiece! This may be your story, but it does not have to be your ending. Don’t write your book based on other people’s manuscripts. It’s not to late to cut your strings, and take back your fate. God loves you and the ultimate healer of your pain is Jesus. He is close to your broken heart and that is why you are reading this now. He wants you to know that you are not forgotten. He holds every tear you shed. He sees every unspeakable thing you go through, & cries with you! You are never alone. 

As far as the show goes, the 2nd season will reveal more haunting discoveries and will surely be another hit sensation. Always remember at the end of the day it’s a TV show. The cliffhangers and drama are here for our entertainment and we shouldn’t take it to seriously! However the overall message shouldn’t be discounted as just high school drama. 

Please Call now if you feel like you can’t ask anybody for help. 

This may be your story, don’t let it be your ending

Caitie Brown

One Comment on “Think Outside “13 Reasons Why”

  1. This one is powerful, Caitie.

    Everyone knows someone with 13 reasons don’t they? I appreciate your insight into the one reason to live.

    Liked by 1 person

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