5 Elements of Adventure 

Throughout the course of your life you will experience different types of adventures. It doesn’t always look like skydiving in New Zealand, or Backpacking across the Appalachian Trail. It can look like dressing the kids for school and still making it there on time, or going on a picnic in your backyard because you don’t want to set the table. According to Matt Walker there are a few different elements/key components that make up an adventure. It can look and feel differently but if you have these 5 things you’re on an adventure of a lifetime! 

  1. High Endeavor – This is something that requires a lot of our energy and time. It challenges us to be at our best. 
  2. Uncertain Outcome – In reasonable amounts this is necessary for any adventure. Keeps you engaged in what your doing without having 100 percent control of the finish. 
  3. Commitment- Being committed is essential in any adventure. Willing to work through difficult times, pushing through, and finishing makes for a successful adventure.
  4. Tolerance for Adversity- this requires you to continue on when things don’t go as planned. Being able to adjust is crucial on any adventure! 
  5. Companionship- We can’t do life alone! The bond created through doing something difficult with others is important. 

Everybody is on their own adventure, the important thing is to recognize every element shapes and changes us. Don’t be afraid of your adventure, embrace and enjoy it! You only get one.


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