How Debt Freedom Created an Adventurous Life

We became debt free in December of 2015. We haven’t looked back since. Brandon and I have started a plumbing company this year with $0 business debt and recently paid cash for his first work van. It hasn’t been easy because the debt leverage option is always there.  You can use debt now and build your capital, pay 0% if you pay off your credit card every month, and EVERYBODY has a car payment. For us being debt free is more than just a goal we achieved, it’s a way of life. Since becoming debt free our stress level has decreased, our marriage has improved, and our lifestyle has changed! We are now doing things we’ve always wanted to do. It has been an adjustment. We aren’t used to being able to give big amounts, or plan vacations, have hobbies, etc. So we are having to practice giving ourselves permission to do things. I call it “Post Debt Stress Disorder“. You have had to say no to everything for a long period of time, & now you can start saying yes (within budget of course).

I have always loved going on adventures and being outdoors, however being broke because you’re in debt doesn’t allow much room for hobbies. Dreaming of being on lakes, kayaks, rivers, long hikes, and seeing the countryside was apart of my daily life growing up! When I became an adult and the real world hit me. I lost that adventurous girl because she was piled below bills, schoolwork, a mortgage, and parenting. After I graduated college I went straight to work. It was hard paying an extra $3,000 to $4,000 dollars a month on our debt. We had to say no to anniversary dinners, date nights, vacations, eating out, new cars ( we have a coupe, with a newborn…. OUCH! Still drive it with our 5 year old), and furniture. IT SUCKS paying off pdebt! Honestly when you are doing it, you constantly think to yourself “I am crazy, why am I doing this to myself?”

Now that we have been debt free for a while now, I see it so clearly! Now that adventurous girl the was trapped beneath all of the debt, is FREE! I am a better mom, better employee, better spouse, and a happier person. Seeing my husband thrive in his own business knowing he is stress free, setting his own hours, working for himself, and growing more and more is truly rewarding as a wife. He loves me enough to keep that adventurous girl alive by not going into debt for his business. I am forever grateful to him for that! He encourages the crazy chick, that wants to travel the country, climb the mountains, & walk in the wilderness. It’s the greatest time in our lives knowing that all of that pain and struggle we went through has given us the greatest reward!

When God called us to become debt free, we knew it would be difficult. We didn’t know how difficult until we started saying no to things we REALLY wanted to say YES to. We wanted to give up several times, and let other people’s opinion dictate how we lived our lives, but when God calls you, you listen. When we obey the Lord his rewards have been more than we could ever imagine. The freedom he has given us is beyond any words I have to describe this feeling. The dreams we are dreaming today are bigger and better. The adventures I’ve always wanted to go on, are no longer just in my dreams, they are coming true everyday! We are excited to be on this adventure, and even more excited that we get to document every moment.  STAY TUNED!

*If you want to start your own journey to financial freedom click here
Caitie Brown

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  1. Check out the Father’s Recipe for Personal Finance novelette for some more biblical based strategies.

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