~Dripping Springs Lake – Okmulgee, Ok~

A frustrating start to our day ended with a wonderful Kayak at Dripping Springs Lake! Massive flooding in Green Country makes for difficult kayak trips especially since we are not professionals. Haha 

Located in between Okmulgee Lake and Dripping Springs Lake is SALT CREEK! It begins at the bottom of DRIPPING SPRINGS dam, and flows into Okmulgee Lake. Surrounded by hundreds of trees, and peaceful waters it makes for a perfect kayak spot! Today though…. not so much. With both lakes overflowing with water, the creek was not only flooded but moving pretty quickly. Disappointed we followed the Road and kayaked the beautiful DRIPPING SPRINGS LAKE instead, but hope we can return when our Oklahoma weather slows down. 

It’s looks to be about a 1.5 mile float trip in between lakes. Our plan is to take 2 vehicles next time, so we don’t have to paddle upstream. We look forward to our next visit when we can actually get on the creek!

The water was fine and the weather was perfect! We love exploring new places and finding hidden paradises! 

Check back soon when we get to FLOAT SALT CREEK! 

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