First Overnight Hiking Trip – Good HIKER & Bad HIKER-  Review 

On May 5th, 6th and 7th we went on our first overnight backpacking trip in Gordonville, TX. Since this was our first backpacking trip with 2 children under the age of 6, we made plenty of mistakes along the way. Here are just a few reasons why we SUCK AT HIKING LIFE:

  1. We tried to penny pinch on Water Reservoirs… NOT A GOOD IDEA! We lost the majority of our water along our hike because of leaking from cheap valves that couldn’t stay shut. When we arrived at our remote camping spot with little to no water, and had to send 2 peeps back to the closest marina to retrieve enough water to last us that night and next day. Go with a good water reservoir that has been around for a while and has GREAT reviews.  Don’t be afraid to spend a little more because if you don’t have water, you’re in trouble. Check out this Best seller Here
  2. I needed a bigger backpack. I used a 50L that had 3 external straps, Brandon had a 70L bag with several external straps, & I ended up using his bag for a few of my items that didn’t fit on mine. It was fine for this trip, however, I do need to purchase a more efficient backpack.
  3. Packing a Hammock is essential. After we arrived at our remote camping area, relaxing was difficult because of the lack of comfortable seating. Packing a hammock, or hiking chair is a must after hiking 4-5 miles. Recovering properly is really important when hiking, so be sure you have something comfortable to relax in. My favorite Hammock  is now just $35. Check it out. 

Although we made some BIG rookie mistakes, we also did a lot of things right! We will definitely have a much more confident experience next backpacking trip. Here are a few things we did that made us winners!

  1. We packed plenty of food! The kids even had their favorite snacks and Capri suns so they weren’t miserable. We highly recommend the backpack pantry meals. They are light weight and pretty tasty. To see the full selection click the link Here
  2. Our tent was perfect. It’s a 3 man tent that actually was spacious. 2 adults, 1 child and a 35lb dog all fit with room to wiggle. The most efficient thing about our tent was it folded up and fit into its carrying case. Nice and compact! Click Here to get yours today.  
  3. We had the best APP for hiking. We actually took a wrong turn that led us to someone’s backyard… whoops! But the All Trails app allowed me to download a map prior to starting the Hike, so I didn’t need good service on my smartphone to pull up the map.  We knew exactly where we got off course and Knew where to go. 
  4. We had a backup plan to park a vehicle near one of the bailouts, which we ended up using! Good idea especially with inexperienced hikers or children. Saved us a lot of tears on day 2!
  5. We had fun. The best part about all of this is that we had a blast! Hiking with someone who had been there before was awesome. Spending time with good friends and getting to know their kids is something pretty special. We just let go and had fun! 

Overall the trail was amazing! Beautiful lake views, plenty of great camping spots, & it was clean! We will definitely be returning in the future. 

To see our adventures click the link below: 

Think Outside: Cross Timbers

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