Kayaking Bluff Landing~Broken Arrow, Ok

Getting on the water is one of the best feelings. Rivers hold a bit more adventure with all the different turns and currents. The rivers are what make Oklahoma unique, and if you live here you probably are within 30 miles of an incredible river!  Bluff Landing, located in Broken Arrow/ Coweta, is peaceful and serene!
 The first half our Kayak we paddled against the current which wasn’t that bad at all! We paddled for about a mile and headed into Adams Creek. Adams creek goes on for miles, but you can sit steady under Lone Star road and relax or eat lunch etc. Then you can head right back to Bluff Landing or continue on. It took us about an hour to get to Lone Star Bridge (it is out once it hits the creek), then we floated with the current all the way back! Its really an amazing place to Kayak! We saw plenty of snakes and turtles, plus the white cranes flew around us all day! 

We have been fortunate enough to be able to Kayak several places in NE Oklahoma, but this is just 15 minutes from the Heart of Broken Arrow, Ok, and is big enough to fill an entire day with adventure. There is a great boat dock, and ramp along with restrooms and camping grounds. The kids will have a blast on the water and have access to a playground. This is also a popular fishing hole where  gar, crappie, and catfish are caught on a regular basis. Come check out this hidden gem! 

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