Our EPIC Cross Country Road Trip

This week marks 1 year of the amazing Road Trip from Myrtle Beach, SC to Broken Arrow, Ok. It all started with a military family being reunited after 2 months, one way tickets and a road trip home. Camping out along the way, we saw  the beautiful ocean from Myrtle Beach, sweet breezes from Cape Fear, Moonshine sips in Tennessee, and the soul of Memphis. It will inspire you beyond your imagination. Traveling is the best way to find out who you are. It awakens the soul, expands our minds, and ignites the fire that burns a purpose in your life. Here is a little throw back to an amazing trip half way across the country.


One of the largest military bases in the country is Fort Jackson, SC. Located just east of Columbia, SC and it is known for its basic training and drill sgt academy. About 45 minutes away is Sumter! Sumter is named after General Thomas Sumter from the American Revolutionary War. Sumter is rich in history and we were blessed to get to see the gravesites of the Generals family! 

Destination #2~Myrtle Beach

Just an hour and half drive east is the beautiful, over populated with tourism, Myrtle Beach.  You will get lost on the white sand & ocean air. This beach is definitely a different style compared to the south beaches,  & California beaches. It’s the ocean mixed with Kenny Chesney & Luke Bryan. It has that southern/down home feeling without any over the top pet snakes and alligators… this was my kinda place! The food was amazing and complete with zip lines , a ferries wheel, and bike rentals, there is something for everybody.  We camped out just 3 blocks away at the Myrtle Beach KOA. It came with a water park for Caidon, showers, and bathrooms plus shuttle service to and from the boardwalk! Highly recommend to everyone! 

Destination #3~Cape Fear (Wilmington, NC) 

The drive along the coast northbound was amazing! Seeing the historical plantation homes made me feel like I was in the making of “THE NOTEBOOK”. The artsy atmosphere in Wilmington and historical boat rides across the cape makes for the most romantic getaway! 

Destination # 3 ~ Ashville, NC

From ocean in the morning to Mountains by sunset!  I am partial to the mountains, but the Smokey Mountains are a sight to see! The beautiful haze over the valleys calls my name every time. The endless adventures throughout the rolling hills, and scenery for days, will make you wanna live life like there’s no tomorrow! 

After our beautiful drive through Smokey Mountain National Park we made our way into Tennessee. Just past the state line is a little town called Hartford, TN. It’s home to bootleggers Moonshine! You cannot go to Tennessee without getting homegrown moonshine, because it’s the only souvenir worth taking home. The greatest thing about this area are the people. Even though the scenery is breathtaking, and the adventures are unforgettable, it’s the people that make your experiences sweeter.

Destination # 4~Memphis, TN

After lunch in Nashville, we made our way into Memphis, TN. Home of Elvis Presley and the Blues! What shocked me most was how run down Memphis seemed to be. Vacant buildings everywhere, graffiti art on abandoned homes, homeless people on the bridges, and trash in the Ole Mississippi River. It was dark and desolate. Not the image I had in my mind. We set up camp at the Maron, AR KOA just 12 miles outside of Memphis. We met a musician who played electric guitar, & a factory worker staying there on the nights he worked to be closer so his bike commute wasn’t so long. The next morning we packed up and headed to Graceland! The Elvis Presley mansion & museum. The haunting home was left exactly as he left it. Shag carpet, dingy wallpaper, 70’s appliances and televisions. It was neat to literally walk into a completely different era.  He was truly the king of rock n roll. 

After 4 days of our adventure road trip we were finally just 6 hours from home! There is no place like home. Our family was ready to be home together after 2 months away from each other. The road trip was amazing! $700 plane tickets, $300 SUV rental, $250 for camping, and $120 in gas, we made it half way across the country with a 3 year old and didn’t die. Well worth it! Time traveling is never time wasted. Do it as often as you possibly can. 

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