Farmers Markets: Think Outside your Grocery Store

It’s that time of year again! Saturday Morning Farmers markets are in full swing, & not only is it important to your health, it’s important for your community as well. Farmers Markets are physical retail stores featuring foods produced by the farmer and sold directly to the consumer. This platform has sustained throughout history and has become increasingly popular since early 2000’s. Technology advancements and modern industrialization has made food growth faster, cheaper, & bigger! Therefore major retailers such as Walmart and Target provide 90% of Americans their food, and 60% of that food is processed. Families are eating out, instead of at the table, and our wellness is becoming less of a priority.

 Farmers Markets are a great asset to you, your community and your family! The food is fresh so not only is the flavor at its fullest so is the nutritional value. With local farmers, Seasonal produce is fun to enjoy in the season they were intended to flourish. Supporting local farmers is great for the economy and the environment. Shipping goods is quite expensive and can cause a strain on the environment. With farmers Markets the shipping costs are minimal and with each community holding their own Market, farmers are traveling less. It’s a win win for the farmer and the consumer! Also, Knowing where your food comes from is priceless. At the farmers Markets you can get answers from the source. It helps keep families engaged in what they are eating, and increasing your ability to make healthful choices when it comes to shopping. Sorry folks, Little Debbie hasn’t been seen at any of them farmers Markets I have been at. Start connecting with your community and start making your food choices a priority! Click here to find all your local Farmers Markets! 

Caitie Brown

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