Life is Better with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

One of my greatest gifts that God has given me is the gift of friendship! I have been blessed with many different friendships throughout my life. Some friends I have had for 20 years, some I’ve had for 20 minutes, but they all have a sweet spot in my heart. They all have influenced me to become the person I am today. 
I have discovered over the years the people who are daring, fearless, and adventurous make the best kind of friends. The friends that you experience life with are the people who shape your future. This is why high school friendships are so impactful! You go through a lot of life change in high school and you share those experiences with each other and it makes memories that last forever! You get your first car in high school, some of the students get their first job! In high school you start dating, so you share first love, first kisses, and other things (wink, wink). Some of us experience our first heartbreak in high school, whether it’s from a breakup, vicious bullies, or even loss of life! We rebel in high school, break rules and some of us will experience our first handcuffing. It’s definitely an adventurous time of life full of change and bonding. Some of those friendships will last forever, others will only be for a season, but all of them stay in our hearts. 

As we get older, it’s harder to find friends. We have more responsibility and it’s difficult to find time to nurture those relationships. It’s more important to have friends as adults because you will NEED them. You need good friends that will help you create a great life, encourage you to start that business, pray with you, help you raise your kids, and laugh with. When you find people willing to stand behind every crazy idea you have, you find your 2nd family. Only this family is the family you choose, not the family that’s assigned to you!    Real friendhips are developed through transparency. If you can just be honest and show people your passions, your weaknesses, and your strengths, and they still want to be around you… BOOM! You’ve got the real friends. Make time for them. Baby sit for them. Call them, and let them know they matter. Cherish them. Friends are so important! 

Your success in life has a lot to do with who you choose to hang around with. Choose people who will make your life memorable! 
Caitie Brown

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