Debt Free since 2015, Now what?!

Well today was a big step in conquering the next goal. There is power behind putting a goal on paper and writing a plan to achieve it! There is a famous quote:

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker 

When debt freedom was conquered in December 2015 not a lot changed from the outside. We still drive the same paid for cars that have high mileage. We still live in our little house with constant repairs needed, and we still don’t have cable! However, it’s the stuff that really matters that has changed the most. We have retirement accounts that are growing, stress levels have decreased, our marriage is stronger and we started a new plumbing company that is also growing debt free! We are able to take risk and have more  fun because the constant worry of making payments is gone. When you become debt free by working hard and making sacrifices, its not just a goal you’re trying to achieve, it’s a life you’re forever changing. We are not going back. Now that we are debt free the next big goal is being achieved as I am writing! By nature I’m a free spirit. I love to spend money on travel and new experiences so saving money is difficult for me. I feel a lot of adventurous people struggle with this. You see an opportunity of a lifetime waiting for you and you say YES without hesitation. It makes for an exciting present  but can cause a stressful future. Finding a balance between living for today and preparing for tomorrow can give you the best of both worlds! Setting this goal will not only prepare us for the future but will provide us the ability to make a lot of memories for many years stress free! 


YEP! Along with building a business, giving to our church, and cash flowing all of life’s expenses we started saving for our next BIG PURCHASE: A car! Never in a million years did I think I could do that, but as it turns out I can. We paid off $35,000 in 18 months. There is nothing stopping us from being able to do that except us. So today we decided to put the goal on paper and make a plan. We opened a locked savings account that can only be accessible to us in June 2018. Our emergency savings is in a separate account where we can easily access the funds when needed.    Each month we are putting back anything extra not used for bills and groceries. According to US Money the average financing fees for a $34,000 car is $2,800, plus 6% interest over 60 months. That’s another $5,000 plus in interest. Paying cash saves you thousands! It also saves you the stress of a car payment, and eliminates the risk of ever being upside down. Paying cash is not going to be easy and I know moments will come that will make us want to quit, but the great thing about becoming debt free is knowing you have what it takes. This time next year I will be driving my family through a trail to our next big adventure in a paid for vehicle. Nothing can beat that. Being able to plan for the future and still live out my passion is a huge blessing. God created us to live for him not for paydays, and the moment you decide to start living for him is the moment that changes everything. Living a true adventurous life can only be lived by the free. The best experiences are the ones where you only take the memories with you, not the installment. Start truly living today!

Find out how you can live an adventurous life debt free Here

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