Lower Mountain Fork*White Water Kayaking Trip 2017

Everybody talks about it! Is it really worth the hype? YES! Located in Broken Bow, OK right off of HW 70 you will find white water rapids just waiting on YOU! Not only will you be surrounded by the beautiful Ouchita Mountains, Broken Bow Lake, supreme luxury cabins, and clear trout water; you will also be surrounded by the best float trip companies in the state. River Rats Kayak rental gave us first class treatment with a private remote campground located 11 miles from the float launch. Provided us a shuttle to and from the camping ground with our Kayak rental at a reasonable price! Highly recommend giving them a call at  (580) 584-6225 to plan your unforgettable float trip! Click here To find out more! 
We launched our trip at about 9 AM. The water was moving at about 800 cubic feet per second with the height around 2.65 feet. It was perfect kayaking conditions and you could hear the white waters roaring in the distance. At our first Fork the water was rushing steadily and we realized quickly this was not going to be a float trip we could sit back and relax on! The rapids are class 2 rapids and when you’ve never kayaked white water before this can be intimidating! We ended up stuck on a few boulders and with this river heavily kayaked we always found someone willing to give us a push while laughing hysterically! Kayakers are some of the best people I know! The first mile is pretty much all white Water with a few breaks to get ready for the Presbyterian Falls located at the end of the 1 mile marker. It is a 3 foot water drop off you HAVE to be prepared for! If not be prepared to flip and lose some valuables! It’s worth every thrilling scream! 

After you drop down the falls you go on a relaxing 3 mile float surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains! After the 4 mile takeout you will continue rowing the next 7 miles. The river is full of surprises! So many turns with unexpected waters! Some are slow and relaxing, others are quick and exciting. It will be wide open surrounded by cabins one minute, then narrow flowing through the forest the next. A beautiful river that displays everything Oklahoma is known for. 

Check out our full video Here

Below is all the links to everything you need to plan your amazing float trip! 

Trip Information

*Campgrounds with Kayak rental/shuttle – River Rats Kayak Rentals 



Professional Photographer 




Happy Kayaking! 

Caitie Brown

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