Think Outside: A Guide To Oklahoma Zip Lining

Zip lining has to be one of the greatest adventures! Nothing says thrilling like being attached to a pulley, hundreds of feet in the air, on a cable that can be over a mile in length. Zip lining is an attraction that many people have experienced throughout the world.

Before it became used by adrenaline junkies, zip lining was actually used quite often as a way to transport items or traveling. According to Oahu Zip lines, zip lining was used for centuries to cross rivers and travel over steep mountains. Many would transport food and water back to their homes using the pulleys for safer & more effective transportation. Eventually as technology became more advanced, a lot of the zip line systems were replaced with bridges. In the early 1970's, zip lining went recreational with the first ever thrill zip line. The idea was launched by scientists and ecologists using the zip lines as a way to study in the jungle. They researched animals, wildlife, and various plants by the pulley technology. A few of these scientists became the catalyst of turning this system that was used to study into a worldwide thrill business! Now with over 200 hundred recreational zip lines in North America, its one of the leading thrill rides amongst adventurers.

One of the best attractions Oklahoma has to offer is Post Oak Canapy Tours (Zip Lining)! Located just northwest of Tulsa in the beautiful Osage Hills is Post Oak Lodge & Retreat. 

Surrounded by the rolling Osage hills, POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat sits on 1,000 acres just 10 minutes from downtown Tulsa. From weekend getaways to group events, POSTOAK provides banquet space, comfortable accommodations with spacious common areas and leisure activities. The lodge offers beautiful rooms, 5 star outdoor scenery and a world class pool! A great place to take the family or have a romantic getaway. You will also have access to one of the largest zip lines in the state. 

POSTOAK Zip Line Canopy Tours takes thrill seekers soaring above the treetops along a network of more than 3,865 feet of cable line — that is longer than 10 football fields! Zip from platform to platform and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Oklahoma’s magnificent Osage Hills and downtown Tulsa. Daredevil or not, this will be an amazing, fun and rewarding ride!

Post Oak offers several different zip times and offers private tours for corporate parties or large groups. Don't wait another minute! Call today to set up your trip of a lifetime. Click here For all the info! 

Another zip lining tour offered in Oklahoma is located in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains! Air Donkey Zip Lines offers Davis, Ok a 2 hour canopy tour, with one cable stretching 1800 feet long! This makes Air Donkey Zip Line the longest one in Oklahoma. Located just 2 hours south of Oklahoma City and 3 hours from Tulsa, location makes this a great getaway for any thrill seeker. Click here to plan your next Adventure in southern Oklahoma.

A third zip line for all the Oklahomans and visitors is home to Beavers Bend State Park. The Rugaro Adventures offers a one of a kind experience with 6 zip lines traveling at speeds between 35 mph and 65 mph. Located next to Broken Bow lake, this gem is nestled in the breathtaking Ouchita Mountains, so you won't leave disappointed. If you want to experience Broken Bow, Ok like never before, book your next zip trip here!

What do I wear?

It's always important to check the forecast and plan accordingly. If rain looks likely there is a good chance you will have to reschedule for safety purposes.

For summer months:

  • Light weight and light colored clothing is always best. Temps get reach well over 90 degrees and it's important to wear clothing that allows your body to cool off fast!
  • Closed toe shoes are best. You will be climbing ladders and walking through some trails in order to get to certain parts of the zip lines so you want comfortable shoes with protection.
  • Sunblock! Never forget to wear sun protection while zip lining. Most areas are in full sun and offer very little shade.

For cooler months:

  • Long sleeved shirts or thin pullovers. Hoodies are NOT recommended while zip lining because the thicker material can obstruct the safety equipment.
  • Jeans or leggings will work great for cooler weather. Again nothing to bulky or thick that may cause the safety equipment to not fit properly.

Safety equipment will be provided by most canopy tours but please call to verify!

See the beautiful Oklahoma skies from a different perspective. Your next adventure is waiting for you.

Happy Zipping Oklahoma!

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