Think Outside-Inflatable Kayak Review

We have been fortunate to experience some great adventures this year! We've hiked, road tripped, & white water kayaked. One of the best items we purchased was the K2 Explorer tandem inflatable kayak. It gets overlooked a lot in the kayaking world, but it's been our only kayak to date and we love it! After a dozen or more uses I feel like an honest review may help answer some questions regarding if it's a good deal or not.


  • It's affordable – with a price tag of $95 or less you get 2 paddles, air pump, tandem kayak, and carrying bag. Any budget can handle the K2
  • Compact storage- once deflated it can easily fit in your trunk, garage, and truck bed without taking up much space. With about 25 pounds of weight, once zipped up, makes it's manageable for any kayaker.
  • Quick Inflate– with the duel air pump included you can inflate the K2 in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Adjustable Seats– the K2 Kayak does come with 2 adjustable seats. You can easily increase or decrease your back support & remove altogether if you choose to.
  • Controlled Steering – in the K2 you can easily control your pace and direction. It comes with attachable rear fin for speed maintenance and directional control.
  • Stability– the K2 inflatable kayak has great stability! In the 12 times we have floated we haven't tipped once! This makes it safe for kids and families knowing that your personal belonging and children wont be in the water unexpectedly.
  • Durability- This is the part that shocked me! It is actually VERY durable. We have kayaked over trees, rocks and other different debris and not once has it failed us. I have complete confidence that the straps and air valves will stay intact for many more excursions.
  • Spacious – With the K2 there is a 400 LB weight limit so you can easily have 2 people or an Ice chest inside your Kayak! There is plenty of space for all of your personal belongings and it has leg room as well.


  • It is difficult to strap down if you inflate before traveling. I only recommend inflating onsite.
  • Cleaning up your kayaks can be challenging while deflated so you need to have cleaning wipes and towels ready before deflation.
  • They are lightweight so when you get to a stopping point on the water you have to make sure your kayak doesn't get swept away. Have something to tie your inflatable kayak with or carry it out of the water completely.

The K2 Explorer is a great alternative to traditional kayaks. It makes a great gift for any outdoor lover. It also serves as an emergency vessel for larger boats that may have a failure of some sort. Overall I HIGHLY recommend the K2! It's great for beginners, as well as a backup for a more experienced kayakers. Perfect to have at your lake house or beach house, for extras as well!

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One Comment on “Think Outside-Inflatable Kayak Review

  1. I really have enjoyed these. The only thing I didn’t like is the pump it came with. We ended up getting a separate pump that was a little more durable.

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