Top 5 Best Apps for your next Outdoor Adventure!

One of the best parts of any adventure is the ability to disconnect from your everyday life. You get out in nature and discover some incredible things when your face isn’t glued to a screen! Even though it is nice to put the devices away for a bit, it is necessary to have it for emergencies and tracking your miles/excursions. One of the very best things that has come from these apps, is that every mile hiked, kayaked, or climbed, is tracked and recorded. This is a great way to help you increase your distances and motivate you to track more miles.

Here are the top 5 best apps for your next outdoor adventures:

5. RiverWatcher App– for all my river rats out there, you NEED this app. All of the data comes from the USGS website and updates every 15 minutes. You will get water temps, cubic feet per seconds, and water levels. You never want to get on dangerous waters! The RiverWatcher app also has satellite map views as well as road map views. I haven’t come across a
River that wasn’t registered within it. With multiple search options you are sure to find your river. Always practice water safety and wear a PFD(Personal flotation device). It’s not fun telling your stories if you’re dead! Don’t be STUPID.
Go to The App Store to download!

4. KAYAKLOG – This app is simple but has everything you need. It gives you 24 hour weather forecast, logs your speeds, distance, total kayak time, access to share on social media and allows you to snap photos as you are recording. This app is 2.99 a month for unlimited logs, but they do have specials that run frequently. Highly recommend any kayaker to track their miles with KayakLog! Download here.

3. GAIA GPS – This is an essential App for anybody spending anytime outside. With endless features you are sure to find this as an incredible asset for all your adventures! Tap into the wild with Gaia GPS. Choose from the best collection of offline topo maps, satellite maps, and specialized map layers, including USGS, USFS, NRCan, and GaiaTopo. Use a host of features for hiking, hunting, mountain biking, offroading, and other outdoor pursuits. Record tracks, plan routes, and use to automatically back-up data and share links to your tracks. I have the free download and it works perfectly for everything I need, and there is also a paid subscription that gives you a lot more options. Click on the Link to download this awesome app!

2. Yonder – Yonder is like instagram for the adventurous souls! A small community of people that inspire one another to challenge themselves and see this beautiful world. With some amazing filters and thousands of places to see it’s a really unique app. Some places on the yonder or unfamiliar and hidden away. Sure you always see Hawaii and New Zealand in the popular magazines and TV shoes. They are undeniably some of the most beautiful places in the works, but Yonder will take to much less “popular” destinations that will blow your mind. Download here

1. ALL TRAILS APP – The ultimate app for every adventure! Within the All Trails App you will have access to thousands of trails throughout the world. Everything from difficulty ratings, inclination, and distance is featured within this FREE app. You also have the ability to record/track your hikes. This has the capability to record your time, speed, and mileage! You also can download the maps to your phone to allow you to have access to the trail maps without needing 4G or WIFI. You can find everything from bike trails, hiking trails, and running trails. Upgrade to All Trails Pro and get access to different types of maps, live heat maps, as well as fire history and air quality. For most people the Free app is all they need to go exploring, but if you’re an outdoor super geek like me, you can’t live without All Trails Pro! Click here to download

Have fun are next big adventure and always practice safety first!


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