Whitewater Rafting – Hudson River. 

The Adirondacks are filled with adventure. With over 6 million acres of wilderness, it’s been blessed with the title as the largest state park in the United States. In other words, it’s the biggest playground in our nation that needs to explored by all. It’s saturated with rich history and breathtaking scenery. The Adirondacks will leave a stamp on your heart that will be engraved forever. The images gifted to me by this Awesome place are unforgettable. Experiencing places instead of just visiting them is how we create a life worth living. When you only visually see places, you’re only getting 10% of the experience. The other 90% is feeling the mountains beneath your feet, smelling the fresh breeze as it rushes past you on a summit, and letting the waterfalls kiss your skin. When you spiritually experience a place, a piece of your heart will always be there no matter how far away you are. I’m happy to say that I EXPERIENCED the Adirondacks in a way that changed me forever. I challenge everyone to experience the world in a way that changes you, because when you change, in turn the world will      too!

One of the greatest ways to experience the Adirondacks is through whitewater rafting on the great Hudson river. We had five star treatment with Whitewater Challengers of upstate New York. Not only did our trip include 17 miles of class 2 to 4 rapids but they served us with their world famous crunchy honey burritos as well as an awesome BBQ after our trip was concluded. The whitewaters started right out of the gate! Less than a hundred yards from the launch site & our whitewater adventure was in full swing. Feeling the water rush beneath my feet, and the freezing cold water hitting my face was the most incredible feeling. With every wave we crashed up against the more alive I felt. In the calm waters you get to take everything in. Every beautiful mountain peak, the wildlife, the warm sun, and the sound of waterfalls flowing into the river. You can feel the grip of fear slowly lose its hold on your world, and you just love life a lot more. Having moments like this makes you realize what life is all about. It’s not just about working, paying bills, and trying to get enough sleep to wake up, go to work and pay bills. Life is so much more than that. Yes, it is important to work and pay bills, but its just as important to disconnect and actually LIVE your life. Live your life so much that after its over, it could become written into a BEST SELLING NOVEL.



Whitewater rafting the Hudson was one of the most adventurous things I’ve done, and I’ll do it as much as the opportunity presents itself. I’ll never forget the people of that day. We had the privilege of rafting with some of the NYC Fire department, and meet some locals that inspired me to see more of this world and do the things that make you feel alive. Don’t just visually see a place but go out and experience it!

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