For decades now, wave after wave of changes in technology and entertainment have brought an escalating and unrelenting barrage of powerful, negative media messages that have undermined the development of character values in our children.  This onslaught of unfiltered influence has produced real behavior issues in schools to the point of severely undermining the learning process and endangering the opportunity of many children to live successful lives.

To help combat this we will be starting a Non Profit soon that will be empowering young people through the excitement of adventure. Adventures help build vital characteristics that will help our youth create successful lives.

Through this young people will learn 7 character building skills:

  1. Discovering your Responsibility for your life
  • Be Responsible and Not A Victim.
  • Be Proactive and Not reactive.

2. Discovering initiative to pursue Life Purpose.

  • Build a life-long learning habit.
  • Create my own success by taking initiative.
  • NOT procrastinate & avoid due to fears.
  • Seek excellence by doing my best in everything.

3. Discovering who you are & your gifts

  • Pursue developing my gifts
  • Encourage someone else to pursue their gifts.

4. Discovering a Vision for your path in life.

  • Pursue who I want to BE.
  • DO actions towards my goals and dreams.
  • Encourage someone else to pursue a goal or dream.

5. Discovering self-management

  • Stop wasting time & money on something that controls you
  • Encourage someone else by asking them to join me in creating a great life.
  • Put the time & money saved to my gifts& goals/dreams.

6. Discovering meaningful relationships.

  • Move a relationship from L-L, W-L, or L-W to Win-Win.
  • Recognize & appreciate a Win-Win relationship you have with a friend or family member.

7. Discovering teamwork & collaboration

  • Contribute to a goal of my team to make a difference.
  • Promote team spirit at home, school, or activities
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