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I Have Scoliosis , but Scoliosis Does Not Have Me

Scoliosis may be a foreign term to some people, but for those of us who live with it know it all to well. Usually, if severe, scoliosis is diagnosed at a young age and treated for many years using back braces and physical therapy.… Continue Reading “I Have Scoliosis , but Scoliosis Does Not Have Me”

Kayaking Paradise-Hawthorne Bluff*Lake Oologah, OK

Oklahoma has hidden surprises  EVERYWHERE! Just north of Owasso (about 15 Minutes from Tulsa) there is Lake Oologah. With 29,500 acres of water, 209 mile long shoreline, 11 lake side parks, and 18 amazing Hiking trails, Lake Oologah has a little something for everybody! With… Continue Reading “Kayaking Paradise-Hawthorne Bluff*Lake Oologah, OK”

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